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A Companion
  Everybody wishes to have a firm supporter or a companion who can help them with their jobs. As I lived my middle and high school years and moved often from one country to another, I figured out that friendship is something a person should desperately urge to have.

  Since I moved too often and had various school lives, I began to value friendship and companionship, because the supporters are the only ones who can buttress you from being collapsed.

  My father is a businessman who has a myriad of friends. I respected his ability to make very good friends, for he had some celebrities as his friends.
Although he was from a very poor family, he succeeded in his career. Then I realized that only thing that could make my father as who he is right now is friendship; friends helped him as he helped them. This mutualistic relationship is something I really want to explore in - soon I concluded to become a personal financial advisor.
 I always have a penchant for helping others. I love to instruct, support, and listen to the ones who are in need. In the business world, I think connections and communication are very essential and pivotal.

  Of course knowing someone who is new is a hard thing; you can't just go up to the stranger and say hi with a smile, (that way you'll be more awkward than friendly) but my totally believe in myself that I can manage my future career very well.

Tweet Right

Twitter will be very helpful to my career as a financial advisor because it will efficiently update and show ideas and news of people. I will more easily keep track of others' current events. Twitter will allow me to post advices and keep connections in easy steps.

Writing Skills

Good writing skills are advantageous for my specific career, financial advisor, because that career requires a myriad amount of writing that I will write to my customers and other companies' businessmen. Better the writing skill, better the reputation and result